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Sales channel Survey

Sales channel survey is to Statistics all sales of different market channel, and analysis individual product sales by different channel.
The primary purpose of investigation is to help customers choose marketing channel can obtain profits effectively and easily.
1、 The listing of new products / enter new markets
When a new product launch, the company will adopt existing channel even the price, customer and product are very different to the past. But now the new product / market profit and market penetration doesn't allow companies to choose marketing channel easily. The choice of marketing channel strategy to increase profits in shortening the product promotion, early time, improve market share and permeability, have become more and more important.
2、Improve the existing product margins / share
The global market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, prompted the company to change marketing channels to occupy a larger market, profit. Many well-known products lead to profit greatly reduced due to improper marketing channel strategy.
3、The analysis of marketing channel
When the company's market gradually stabilize, its marketing strategy is using traditional methods, and rarely using reasonable economic analysis method, this is the reason why company must be regularly inspected the marketing channels, otherwise it will lead to lower profits.

1、To confirm the feasible marketing channel. The establishment of a complete marketing channel inventory, access to basic information through sales, agents, distributors, sales, OEM, retail outlets, exhibition, online sales channels.
2、Adopt SCC--Max and Min Sales Channel Conflict,.
3、Analysis the competitors¨ marketing channel, this is the key steps of sales channel strategy choice
4、Customer preference survey. Through customer preference survey, we can know the channel customers the most like buy products by, and the future will tend to what channels
5、Market penetration analysis. Each channel can be created using the permeability channel performance as a percentage of total market that channel.
6、Analysis sales channel profit rate. Sales channel analysis purposes only two: the profit to the highest, the sales costs to a minimum
7、Analysis data and prediction of product promotion time
8、Design a creative marketing strategies
9、Choice market channel
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