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A mysterious customer investigation for an integrated ceiling manufacture

Project Background
In order to ensure the quality of store sales, an integrated ceiling manufacture launched nationwide activities called ¡°fake pornography and illegal publications¡±. They entrusted MEGI with this project and find out the suppliers who sales the fake.

Project content and method
Interviewers visited the stores as a customer, communicating with the sellers and finding out whether the shop has other brands products or fake goods. MEGI took the video to prove it.

Lanxi, Quzhou, Dongtai, Huangshan, nanchang, guangan, zhuzhou, jinan, baoji, jiaozuo, etc

Research results
After a period of survey, MEGI found out that some suppliers sales others brand products, which provided solid evidence for their activities and ensured their products quality.

A consumer survey for a commercial center developer

Project Background
The flow of consumer traffic of a business center is relatively small. The developers hope to improve this situation by a consumer survey that can learn their residents¡¯ consumption and purchase habits and satisfaction with the business center.

Project content and method
The survey mainly target at something about consumers, such as their background, consumption habits, favorite general merchandise, entertainment and food & beverage brands, and consumers¡¯ evaluation towards business center.
Method: Do-house, CLT

Research results
After completing 200 do-house questionnaires, 400 CLT questionnaires and data consolidation, MEGI learn the consumers interests and shopping habits, put forward countermeasures aiming at this situation, provide reliable basis for their improvement.

Competitors research for a famous pet food manufacture

Project Background
With the continuous improvement of living standards, the industry of pet food is becoming fiercer. Our client wants to know competitors¡¯ market information by the competitors¡¯ research, so as to let competing consumers transfer their brand and expand market share.

Project content and method
1) Consumer focus point when they buy products
2) The comparison with competitors¡¯ products
3) The comparison with competitors¡¯ products name
4) The comparison with competitors¡¯ package
5) Every product characteristic test
6) Consumer purchase and use habits of the products
7) To know whether the new products and USP meets consumer demands
8) Test consumer acceptance to new products and purchase intention
Method: focus group

Project results
According to consumers¡¯ statement, MEGI put forward some suggestions about products appearance, name, price and package, laying foundations for marketing.

Commercial study for a real estate developer

Project Background
Our client who is a real estate developer, would like to establish a new business center in Pudong New Area of shanghai, In order to know surrounding business environment and consumers¡¯ purchase habits ,they entrusted MEGI with professional commercial study service.

Project content and method
 A general survey for all environments within 2KM. This object is used to analysis what are potential consumers and competitors, how is the traffic condition and consumer distribution density.
 U&A research. This object is used to analysis Consumers¡¯ mentality, demands and habits, which will provide data-basis for attracting bidding, inviting investment and positing.
 Brand in competitive mall survey
 This helps us analysis competitor¡¯s brand distribution and market position, which may provide database for inviting investment and market positioning.
 Focus Group
 This helps to know more about consumer demand, attitude toward importing goods and acceptance, etc.
Method: general survey, Focus group, CLT

Project results
1. We map the business circle census. We carried on annotation on consumer distribution density, competitors, office buildings, restaurant, big brand chain stores and traffic facilities.
2. We have great knowledge on consumer demand, and analysis introduction of mass-import goods feasibility.
3. To understand the relevant data index of competitors, and to dig deep into their promotion policy, investment policy, so that we can carry an effective classification analysis on their internal structure.

New beverage products launch survey

Project Background
The customer is a beverage brand manufacturers, in order to realize the market acceptance of new products. MEGI carries on slightly for it testing on packaging, taste, price, advertising text in consumers, to learn that whether the new product could be accepted by the mass consumers, at the same time, providing data base for advertising positioning.

Project content
1. Packing test: to do consumer testing in 5 kinds of packaging appearance design, color, text printing for this product, analysis the advantages and disadvantages of all kinds of packing and give reasons.
2. Taste test: to do consumer testing for 9 flavors of this product.
3. Price test: to test the price for this product, learn the consumer prices acceptable degrees, as well as the ratio of performance evaluation, and the consumer about the product¡¯s price sensitivity.
4. AD test: to test the product¡¯s slogan, print AD design. To learn the consumer advertising acceptance, at the same time, evaluate whether advertising positioning and product positioning are consistent.
Survey covered cities
Shanghai, guangzhou, chengdu sichuan province, hangzhou, suzhou, etc

Project method
1. CLT 2. Focus group

Project results
Through the various tests for consumers, help enterprises push the product into the market successfully, and gain the recognition of the vast consumers. At the same time, according to the related to the opinions of consumers who taking advertising testing, the advertising production adjusted, corresponding to the slogan, print AD design again.

Famous supermarket stores monitoring project

Project Background
Our clients, a famous supermarket, who own many subsidiaries in shanghai. They want to grasp their customer traffic and satisfaction, so entrust MEGI with monitoring stores as third-party companies.

Project content
1. MEGI will get target interviewees background (Sexuality, age, education, job, income, etc)
2. Competitors survey
3. Target interviewees satisfaction

Project method
Street intercepts access, and monitoring traffic video as evidence

Project results
By monitoring and interview, MEGI found that surrounding competition was fierce, and their target customer was not highly satisfied with it. The MEGI provided targeted suggestions, which our client follow made a great improvement.

Portal computer market research

Project Background
The portal computer company would like to improve their products so that products can be more humanized and better meet current and potential customers¡¯¡¯ need. They entrust MEGI as a third-party company with market survey project which target at customers.

Project content
1. The general situation of unit users¡¯ portal computers
2. The market performance of each brand computers
3. The purchase plan for the coming year
4. Purchasing decision-make model of each company

Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and second or third tier cities in China

Random interview in office buildings

Project results
From this survey, MEGI grasp most valuable information such as penetration of portal computers in each city, the computers brand and number uses own, their purchasing time and purchasing plan. All these data help our client get their consumer structure and demand, which provide convincing data-base for their sales forecast and produce plan.

Study on clothing industry opportunity

Project Background
Recently, the company imported Premium brand suit-dress. The company decision-makers hope to know consumers¡¯ habits and acceptance for new brand by market survey, so that they can adjust their products to consumers¡¯ demand before launching.

Project content
1. High-end consumers consumption habits
2. Consumers¡¯ acceptance for new brand dress

Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou

Focus group, CLT

Project results
From this survey we found that consumers¡¯ acceptance for high-end, fashion brand dress in shanghai and Guangzhou is relatively high, and they all prefer for the products. We also obtained product concept from focus group. After putting in DM and bus AD, the products were famous in shanghai and sales soared.

Cars purchasing behavior research

Project Backgroud
With de development of the living naval, more and more people have new demands of traffic tools, the market demands of car change quickly. An enterprise wants to know about if people¡¯s buying behaviors and attitudes of cars are different from that of 2 years ago, and to find potential

Project content
1. Characteristics of buying behaviors
2. Potential demands of cars¡¯ functions

Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Beijing Guangzhou, Wuhan and Chengdu

Project results
From the survey, we found that consumers¡¯ demand for cars were not just as a transport, but also as an identity label, and can service for business and family. At the same time, the brand had achieved good reputation, but also had some shortage in parts maintenance. The company put forward concept of Whale GT, and improve the instruction and service of 4s shops. In that year, this car wear best-seller.

China¡¯s health care products research

Project Backgroud
In order to better understand the health care products market situation and development diretion, provide evidence for long-time strategy, the company want to grasp health care products¡¯ market demand and brand distribution.
Project content
1. Industry present situation research( Industry reaearch, industry characteristic, industry status and development trend)
2. Health care products consumption demand research ( Brand awareness, purchasing behavior)
3. Potential opportunity for health care products

Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Nanning

Desk research£¨secondary data, Internet research£© qualitive research( Telephone call)

Project results
From the survey we know that most consumers are willing to spend a certain cost on health. We grasp the market demand and current situation accurately by qualitive research, which provide evidence data for making strategy.


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