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Market-Expert (Shanghai) Co.Ltd
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How market research combines with marketing
Activity type: Lecture
Activity time: 2013
Venue: Hongkou football stadium, Shanghai
Charge: 100 yuan / person
Payment methods: online payment 100/ person, on-site payment of 200 yuan / person, [immediate payment], (pay account: gedenggedeng@163.com)
The success of payment within 2 working days after you receive the confirmation email, you will receive SMS notification to the previous week, such as the day for some reason can not participate, can participate in the activities of free)
Registration consultation: 13651751166
Training QQ group: 109213960
Lecture content: how market research combines with marketing
Teacher introduction:
Mr. Wu Bin
MBA, vice general manager of Ming Lue marketing (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., senior researcher of Ming Lue company, University of Hong Kong, Shanghai, Fudan University, double master degree. 97 years into the marketing and management consulting industry, more than 100 large management consulting and research projects experience. Deep understanding of marketing and Market Research industry. Responsible for a number of industry strategy research, has a wealth of marketing experience. Presided over a large number of qualitative and quantitative market research projects, and wrote a number of industry research reports, involving a variety of industries, as well as some high-tech industries, has a wealth of market research experience.
Mr. Wu Bin has more than 10 years of professional market and social research experience. There are more than 800 words in economics, sociology and law. Have great attainments in the study of marketing research and brand, and in the health care research, research on fast consumption industry has done a lot of research creativity, as a number of important media, the long-term market research consultant.
Mr. Wu Bin has conducted many public courses, and has done in-house training for many multinational companies, large state-owned and private enterprises. Have been invited for the training group, and only Hengyin, Dentsu advertising media Bole group and other well-known domestic and foreign enterprises.
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